265 000 Kč

The limited edition of the Spanish horse sculpture made of matte porcelain is only produced in a number of 500 pieces worldwide.

Handmade in Spain.


  • Height: 61 cm
  • Width: 44 cm
  • Depth: 24 cm

The Spanish Purebred - Haute École is a porcelain sculpture that depicts one of the world's most prestigious horse breeds with maximum fidelity and anatomical accuracy. In a spectacular display of sculptural control, this beautiful creature gracefully executes a kurbet, one of the classic Haute École dressage movements. The decoration is another highlight of this magnificent piece: all the horse's equipment, including the harness, bridle, saddle and blanket, are richly decorated with gold luster, while the bit and stirrups are made of gilded brass, and the reins and stirrup straps are made of genuine leather . The intense blues and golds that dominate the coloring of the ornaments contrast with the whiteness of the skin, rendered in extraordinary detail that further enhances the sense of realism.

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Vendor: LLADRO

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