08-2023 | BRABBU

Redefining Interior Design in the Czech Republic

08-2023 | REFRESHER+

Reproduktor ako dizajnový skvost

07-2023 | LASKASAS

Not so secret diary

06-2023 | LASKASAS

Elevate your project with our partner Dušek Décor!

02-2023 | RUG'S SOCIETY

Dušek Décor is a cutting-edge retailer of premium furnishings.

02-2023 | LP-LIFE

Mr. and Mrs. Dušek, designers who are trying to teach the Czechs extravagance.

01-2023 | MY INTRO

Take a look at the new design store Dušek Décor, whose interior is made up of gems from world designers.

12-2022 | RUPOINT

Premium furniture and decor from all over the world

10-2022 | DESIGN BLOCK

Experience the most beautiful showroom in Prague in a different way.

11-2021 | ALEXANDRA

New showroom in the Czech Republic

07 -2021 | PULLCAST

You Already Can Find PullCast In the Czech Republic With Dušek Décor

07 -2021 | ART ON WORLD

DUSEK & HANF conquer the world of furniture design.


Furniture art or passion.

08-2019 | FASHION

Designer Bea Dušková is a joiner, painter and upholsterer all in one