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Peter McGrath

born on August 22, 1972 in Brandýs nad Labem. The painter and designer, originally from Všetat near Mělník, has been living alternately in Sydney and Prague since 2004, which is reflected in her work. A love for art and interiors was instilled in her by her father, who has been involved in construction, design and projecting all his life. The artist exhibits her works at home and abroad.

Her abstract work reveals the strong influence of life in Australia, where she encounters a different culture, lifestyle and diversity of nature. She likes to work with light, vibrant colors, figurative painting and symbolism.

The works of this painter and designer awaken in people the joy of life, playfulness, the desire for knowledge and, above all, a positive attitude towards life.

In the beginning, there were very appealing "Australian" motifs with sailboats, nature and figurative subjects, with the passage of time slightly different periods also came. However, her work has never lacked that significant and wonderful tuning of mostly pastel colors, evoking a distinctly positive mood in the viewer.

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Petra McGrath
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