In our showroom you can see the new EMRACE armchair from the Portuguese company ROYAL STRANGER.

And what about the concrete in-door | outdoor speaker? Anyone who has heard it in our country knows that the quality of the sound brings you chills!


When Marcel Wanders & Casper Vissers founded Moooi in 2001, they promised themselves to create a legendary brand. Today, twenty years later, Moooi continues to inspire and seduce the world with breathtaking, innovative designs. The extra "O" in Moooi is meant to convey something extra in terms of beauty and uniqueness.


A unique exhibition of 15 paintings by Slovak painter HULA is taking place in our showroom.

This is the first exhibition in the Czech Republic. FORBES noticed the artist already in 2019 and we are very pleased that she chose our premises for the exhibition of their works.

Do not hesitate to visit us! The exposure is limited in time.

Dušek Décor

World 1

Prague 8

MON-FRI 10:00 - 18:00

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Are you going to visit our showroom? Are you interested which products are currently on display?

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