Dušek Décor, the main sponsor of the Natali Ruden fashion show. He presented luxurious leather bars from Valencia by ALEXANDRO, the iconic Chantal armchair by MUNNA, the banana lamp by GINGER & JAGGER and porcelain figurines by the prestigious company LLADRÓ.
Alexandra home bar at Prague Castle with Dušek Décor
Munna and Ginger & Jagger at Prague Castle Event with Dušek Décor
LLadro porcelán na Pražském hradě s Dušek Décor
Reprezentace Forbes, Boucheron a Dušek Décor na Pražském Hradě, Fashion show Natali Ruden
Coleccion Alexandra Prague Castle Event 2023
Natali Ruden fashion show Pražský Hrad 2023