We would like to introduce the public to the current most widespread material for baseboards in the construction industry today, and that is MDF. But it's not MDF like MDF.

What is MDF?

Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF) is a wood-based pressed material consisting primarily of wood fiber particles bonded together with resin and wax. There are several types of MDF and they differ in the color of the cross section. MDF standard, ecological, fireproof, waterproof, etc.

Our MDF is HMR (High Moisture Resistant) and has a green color.

  • MDF (unlike natural wood) is a material without defects, it does not twist, crack or knot
  • MDF slats have a longer service life
  • They are the most cost effective material

What about the water?

The HMR MDF boards that we use for the production of moldings have been tested according to the test module V313 (Wet Cyclic Test). This test was specially developed to indicate the degree of moisture resistance of MDF. MDF boards must withstand 3 days in water at 20C, 1 day in freezing -12C, 3 days in an oven at 70C.

We guarantee the stability of our boards up to an air humidity of 75%

The slats are finished with a base color and several layers of RAL paint. This treatment increases water resistance and is incomparable to MDF strips that are glued with foil (the foil does not protect the board from water or other unwanted effects)

What about resilience?

Skirting boards milled from our HMR MDF are highly durable as they have the highest degree of compression pressure.

This means that our moldings are of the highest possible quality and are impact resistant

All our products are manufactured in accordance with the European standard EN622, and are supplied only from suppliers with FSC certification.