Handmade vase from the workshop of master Alessandro Mandruzzati , Murano Italy.

Alessandro Mandruzzati created the DIAMOND collection, in which the products are available in 4 sizes. The vase can be adjusted as a table lamp. It can also be produced in other colors.


  • S: 20v x 15p cm
  • M: 30h x 20p cm
  • L: 40h x 27p cm
  • XL: 50v x 30p cm

Murano glass vases are handmade according to a thousand-year-old Venetian tradition. It is made in a furnace with temperatures reaching 1400 °C, where molten glass and colored minerals are mixed, and finally blown into a mold. The product is then allowed to cool slowly in special ovens for 48/72 hours. Subsequently, the vases are ground by hand.

The price includes VAT. Colors such as Pulegoso, Alexandrite, Ruby, Chalcedony have a surcharge of 15%.

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Write us your name or initials, which Master Mandruzzato will personally engrave for you on the bottom of the product. This service is free, please send your request to info@dusekdecor.com.


    Mr. Mandruzzato works with Armani, Fendi, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf & Goodman, John Salibello, Christian Dior, Ajmal Dubai Perfums, Flair Firenze, Mogul LA and others.

    There are only 47 families that have been approved by Vetro Artistico Murano, an organization that protects native Italian artisans and their right to make glass on the Italian island of Murano. The Mandruzzato family is honored to own factory number 38.

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