I have solved this question many times with clients, so I decided to write a few sentences about this problem.

Naturally, the first thing we deal with is how the bar looks, what is its profile and color. This is a very individual matter, but it is important to be able to imagine the bar in the space in which it will subsequently be installed. Think about the style in which the future interior will be made, and also direct the profile of the molding. It is also a good idea to match the color to the door panels and window frames.

Bar dimensions – here we deal with height and width.
It is good to evaluate the height both by feeling and by the height of the ceiling. The higher the ceiling, the higher the height of the molding should be. In high rooms, a low bar will look ridiculous. If we are talking about numbers, then for a ceiling of 280 cm, I would definitely choose a bar height of at least 12 cm. On the other hand, I do not mean that if you have a ceiling at a height of 240 cm, you should put the bar as low as possible. Here I would recommend a bar from 7-12 cm. It would be a shame if you already bother with the selection so that the bar is not visible.

Width – here you need to carefully go through all the walls on which the strip will be installed and measure the gap from the end of the floor to the wall. By default, we can fit in 10mm, but there are also cases when even 20mm is not enough for us. When we have measured this, it is still good to look at the depth of the door panel. They are usually around 18-20mm, so there is no problem with that, but if it is smaller, it is good to choose the width of the strip accordingly, or take into account that the strip will have to be cut at the lining so that it connects.

If the gap between the ends of the floor is greater than 22 mm, it is necessary to make the strip to measure or to use a second strip. The so-called termination. It is usually of a simple shape with a size of 12x12mm to 18x18mm. With this molding, we will cover everything that could not be covered with the floor molding.

With this, I think I have described everything essential, which is good to focus on when choosing a skirting board.

Adam Dušek